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LLumchuipa Mundanan Famous Peruvian Potato - 10 Seeds - TPS True Potato Seeds

The "Famous Peruvian Potato," this variety holds cultural significance with a name that translates to "potato peeled by one's daughter-in-law" in Quechua. Its distinctive feature lies in its exceptionally knobby appearance, traditionally employed for a peeling test by mothers-in-law. The challenge is for the daughter-in-law to peel it in a single, flawless motion without disrupting the skin coil.

Alternatively known as "la papa que la muera debe pelar" or the "potato that the dead woman must peel," this potato exhibits remarkable endurance during extended periods but achieves its classic, rugged shape when cultivated well into the fall. Achieving the iconic, lumpy form requires meticulous care, including consistent soil moisture and allowing them to reach a substantial size. When smaller, these potatoes adopt a more rounded contour.

10 Seeds
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