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Luffa Cylindrica * Sponge Gourd Veggie * Fresh Organic Loofah * Rare 15 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 15 SEEDS OF LUFFA CYLINDRICA Grow your own sponge! Vining melon that produces 12-24" long edible gourds. Fruits can also be dried and the inside membrane used as a sponge, the luffa. Grow as an annual. Very fast growing vine to 10-15ft. Vines may be ground dwelling, but grow best when give upward support. If growing for sponges, allow the fruits to turn from green to yellow on the vine. Fruits will lose quite a bit of moisture and become light. Harvest, pull of thin outer skin and remove seeds. The fibrous core should then be bleached and dried before using. Luffa cylindrica is a very fast growing climber. Its leaves are 7 - 20 cm across and have three lobes. Flowers are bright yellow. The fruits which grow to about 60 cm in length are oblong or cylindrical, smooth and contain many seeds. The fruit is brown when mature and dries on the vine to develop an inedible sponge-like structure. They are frost tender, but can be grown as summer annuals. Care is similar to other gourds and melons. Water frequently, grow in full sun. The fruits, as well as yielding sponges, are edible although for this purpose they should be harvested when young - one feels they might be somewhat crunchy when mature. For best results, grow them like a greenhouse Cucumber.
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