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Lycium Chinense * Goji Berry * Chinese Desert Thorn * Sweet * 20 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 20 SEEDS OF GOJI BERRY An important, traditional Chinese fruit and medicinal plant, the goji berry is a small, red berry born in abundance on a low-growing shrubby tree. This species and L. barbarum are extremely similar, with this species being grown in Southern regions and L. barbarum grown in cooler, Northern regions. Fruits have a sweetish, slightly licorice-like flavor. The shoots and leaves are also eaten, and have a wide range of purported medicinal benefits. USDA hardiness 5-9 Grow in moderately fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Plants tolerate some light shade. Established plants tolerate some drought. May be grown from seed. Where winter hardy, this shrub will naturalize by self seeding (sometimes aggressively) and by suckering. Stems may be pruned back to 2' tall in late winter each year to keep plants at a reasonable size with less sprawling. If grown for fruit production, branches may be attached to a trellis to facilitate harvest. ycium chinense, commonly called Chinese matrimony vine, Chinese boxthorn, Goji berry and Chinese wolfberry, is a vine-like, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with sprawling branches that typically grows to 3-6' (sometimes to 12') tall. Occasional thorns appear on the stems. It is native to slopes, roadsides, disturbed areas and wastelands in southern China. Ovate, rhombic, elliptic or lanceolate leaves (to 1-3" long) are bright green. Small, tubular, pale purple to lavender flowers bloom in spring on stalks rising from the leaf axils. Bright red berries (Goji berries) are about 7/8" long and mature in fall. Ripe berries are edible (sweet licorice flavor). Berries (fresh or dried), young shoots and leaves are used in oriental cooking. Berries are used to make an herbal tea. Berries are dried for herbal use (China reportedly produces over 5 million kilograms of dried fruit per year). This is a long time medicinal plant (leaves, roots and berries) in China. Interesting ornamental landscape shrub which can also be grown for harvest of leaves, berries, young shoots and roots for culinary purposes. Informal hedge. Shrub border. Dry/sandy banks or slopes. Spreads rapidly.
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