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Mimetes Cucullatus * Red Pagoda * Rooistompie * Unusual * RARE * 3 Seeds * Limted

Mimetes cucullatus is eye-catching, unusual and colourful all year round, and it is among the easiest members of the protea family to grow. Mimetes cucullatus is a multi-stemmed, densely-leaved shrub, 0.5 to 2 m tall with an upright, bushy growth habit. The leaves are oblong-elliptic, 25-55 mm long and are neatly and symmetrically arranged along the branches. New growth is bright red. The unusual flowerheads of Mimetes distinguish this genus from the other members of the protea family. All members of the protea family have small flowers grouped in conspicuous flowerheads. The individual flowers are tubular and have a perianth made up of four perianth segments, sometimes three are fused and one is free. When in bud, the segments touch each other but don't overlap, and as the flower opens they separate and curl back to expose the style. Mimetes cucullatus is a rewarding garden plant, giving colour all year round and forming a neat, compact shrub. Grow it in a sunny position in sandy, well-drained, acidic soils. This mimetes is a colourful addition to any garden, it is a good choice for the fynbos garden and an excellent plant for the coastal garden. It can also be grown in large containers. It is not suited to very cold climates, but should survive short periods of cold, from -1 to -3 o C.
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