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Montana Cudu Eagle Eye Corn

Ed Schultz, a renowned corn breeder from Montana, has crafted a tribute to a sacred Native American variety by adapting a blended corn. Cudu corn, an ancient Native American variety used in sacred rituals, was donated to the USDA seed bank by Oscar Will in 1958. However, the original seeds were stunted and had lost their signature blue eagle marking, possibly due to accidental inbreeding or crossing. Ed Schultz received a sample of these seeds from the USDA and spent over five years adapting them to his northern region. By crossing true Cudu corn with a small percentage of Papa's White corn, he created a beautiful spotted variety with long, slender ears and stunning blue-spotted kernels. This variety, alongside other creations like Atomic Orange and Papa's corn, reflects Schultz's dedication to developing early-maturing and visually striking corn varieties.

10 Seeds 

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