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Myrica Cerifera * Southern Bayberry * Wax Myrtle * Rare * 10 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 10 SEEDS OF MYRICA CERIFERA Morella cerifera also known as Wax myrtle, Southern Bayberry, Candleberry, Myrica Cerifera, is a popular evergreen ornamental shrub native to low-elevation tropical, subtropical, and warm-temperate regions of the Americas. Morella cerifera grows to a maximum height of 40 feet (12m)at a fast rate.The tree serves as an excellent screen plant. Wax myrtle tree growns rapidly. It prefers growing in part sun. It grows naturally in wetlands and in both coniferous and mixed-broadleaf forests. The species is adaptable, it will tolerate many conditions, although it has a need for frequent pruning. The light olive-green foliage has a spicy fragrance. Morella cerifera is in flower from Apr to June. Wax-myrtle fruits are small, light green with a waxy pale blue coating, which along with the plant's slightly myrtle-like leaves, gives it the common name Wax-Myrtle. The fruit is a source of food for many bird species. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. Leaves and berries are used as a food flavouring. Colonists separated the fruits waxy covering in boiling water to make fragrant-burning candles, a custom still followed for old-fashioned Christmas decorations called bayberry candles. Hardiness zone: 7-11
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