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Namaquanthus Vanheerdii ~ Exotic Succulent ~ Pink Flowers ~ Very Rare 5 Seeds ~

Shrublets up to +/- 300 mm high; branches with short internodes, up to 15 mm in diameter, covered by persistent, dry leaves. Leaves opposite, +/- terete to subcylindric, up to +/- 60 mm long, 10 mm in diameter, united at base into sheath, surface smooth; stomata not sunken. Flowers solitary, terminal, pedicellate, bibracteate, up to 60 mm in diameter; open from morning till evening. Sepals 4(-6), unequal. Petals 4-seriate, outer ones narrowly spatulate, inner ones becoming shorter towards centre of flower, purple. Stamens crowded; filaments purple, epapillate. Nectary a finely crenulate pink ring. Ovary flat or convex on top; stigmas (8 -)12( -16), subulate, purple. Fruit a (8 -)12( -16)-locular capsule, of Lampranthus type, woody and rounded; valve wings present, narrow; covering membranes radially thickened; expanding keels parallel, diverging at tips; closing bodies 0. Seeds echinate with very long papillae along back. F lowering in winter. D istinguishing characters: compact perennials; leaves cylindrical, fused at the bases; flowers magenta with spoon-shaped outer petals; seeds echinate.
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