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Nauclea Latifolia * African Red Peach * Sweet Taste Apple * Rare * 10 Seeds *

10 SEEDS Unrelated to the common peach, this deciduous, African native, bears medium-sized, dark red ripening fruits with tasty, edible pulp. Fruits have a crunchy texture, with a watery mix and a flavor that is likened to a cross between a strawberry and an apple. Along with its edible fruits, the tree is grown for a number of medicinal uses and occasionally for its wood. Naturally grows in fairly hot, tropical climates, but also appears to have some cool weather tolerance so it could be suitable in subtropical climates. Grows to 32 ft / 10 m. A small to medium sized, dry deciduous tree, rarely to 30 m tall, with large, simple, conspicuously veined leaves and strange but beautiful, globose, strongly fragrant, white inflorescences followed by curiously pitted, red, edible fruits with juicy, sweet, red, apple-flavored pulp. Nauclea latifolia is native to tropical Africa, where it grows in lowland savanna woodland. It adapts well to cultivation in tropical climates and starts producing fruits after only a few years. USDA hardiness 10-12
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