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Nepenthes Alisaputrana * Leopard Pitcher Plant * Rajah x Burbidgeae * Rare * 5 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF NEPENTHES ALISAPUTRANA Found in remote sections of the Kinabalu National Park, Nepenthes x alisaputrana is a naturally occurring hybrid between giant Bornean pitcher plants Nepenthes rajah and Nepenthes burbidgeae. The hybrid has been extremely rare in cultivation and seemingly only available for several thousands of dollars in the underground Japanese carnivorous plant network. This plant is notable for combining the best characters of both parent species, not least the size of its pitchers, which rival those of N. rajah in volume (≤35 cm high, ≤20 cm wide).[4] The other hybrids involving N. rajah do not exhibit such impressive proportions. The pitchers of N. × alisaputrana can be distinguished from those of N. burbidgeae by a broader peristome, larger lid and simply by their sheer size. The hybrid differs from its other parent, N. rajah, by its lid structure, indumentum of short, brown hairs, narrower and more cylindrical peristome, and pitcher colour, which is usually yellow-green with red or brown flecking. For this reason, the common name is "Leopard Pitcher-Plant". The peristome is green to dark red and striped with purple bands. Leaves are often slightly peltate. The hybrid is a strong climber and frequently produces upper pitchers.
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