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Nepenthes Lowii * Extremely RARE Highland * Most Unusual Pitcher Plant * 5 Seeds

Nepenthes lowii is one of the most unusual pitcher plants of the Nepenthes genus, a group of spectacular carnivorous plants equipped with large, modified, pitcher-shaped leaves that trap and digest small organisms . The upper pitchers of N. lowii are dark green on the outside, dark purple-red on the inside, and are known for their markedly narrowed 'waist' in the middle and huge, flaring mouth. It is thought that the exaggerated narrowing of the 'waist' may help prevent rainwater from diluting the acidic digestive juices that exist in the bowl of the pitcher . The lids, which cover the pitchers as they grow but open when the pitchers are fully developed , are covered with coarse bristles on their underside . A white, sugary, nectar-like substance is secreted amongst these bristles, which is thought to attract certain types of birds and shrews, whose excrement forms an unusual foodstuff for this plant. Unlike other pitcher plants , recent studies have shown that N. lowii has also adapted to feeding on animal droppings, especially those of birds and tree shrews . These plants produce a huge amount of nectar on the underside of the pitcher lid, and the edge of the pitcher is an ideal place for birds and shrews to perch while feeding on the nectar. The wide pitcher opening then collects the animals' excrements, thus feeding the plants . Attention : small seeds!
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