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Nepenthes Macfarlanei ~ Spectacular Highland Large Pitcher Plant ~ RARE 5 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS NEPENTHES MACFARLANEI Nepenthes Macfarlanei, also known as N.Hemsleyana Macfarl, or N. Hookeriana. is native to the Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, and Sumatra. This species is an easy grower that boasts beautiful, urn-shaped lower traps decoratively splashed with brown. Nepenthes Macfarlanei is a carnivorous pitcher plant. It produces attractive red-speckled pitchers with a green lid. Lower pitchers are ovoid to cylindrical and up to 20 cm high. The lower surface of the lid is densely covered with short, white hairs. This is a characteristic morphological feature of this species, but at present its function is unknown. Nepenthes Macfarlanei is a large, colorful plant. It has a wide range in Peninsular Malaysia and grows both terrestrially and as an epiphyte. The peristome is distinctively toothed, and the under surface of the lid is covered in long hairs. Pitcher morphology varies across the range of this plant, from squat, ovoid pitchers to narrower, oblong ones. Hardiness zones: 11(4c/40f) N. Macfarlanei is an easy Nepenthes to grow, but is perhaps more sensitive to low humidity, or infrequent watering than some. As is generally true of highland Nepenthes species, it prefers a well-drained media, which usually includes a generous portion of long-fiber Sphagnum moss. Other soil ingredients may include peat moss, washed sand, horticultural charcoal, orchid bark and Osmunda fiber. Water daily and never let it sit in water. Highland Nepenthes require cool nights to grow well and form pitchers. They like to be kept humid. In general, night temperatures should drop below 60F nightly. Given cool nights, warm days well into the 80s or 90s are tolerated. It can be considered an intermediate to highland plant, and as such more tolerant of warmer temperatures. Once established, it is an easy species to grow. Very small plants can tend to be difficult sometimes. Treat as a typical highland plant. This plant prefers live sphagnum moss. Nepenthes should be misted regularly in order to simulate the humidity of their natural habitat.
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