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Nepenthes Merrilliana ~ EXTREMELY RARE Lowland Huge Pitcher ~ Very Rare 5 Seeds ~

Nepenthes merrilliana is one of the biggest pitchering Nepenthes there is. N. merrilliana like room ,heat, humidity, true lowland conditions. Nepenthes merrilliana is a tropical pitcher plant endemic to the Philippines. It produces some of the largest pitchers in the genus, rivalling those of N. rajah. The species is native to northern and central Mindanao as well as neighbouring Dinagat and Samar. It inhabits coastal forest areas on steep slopes at elevations of 0–1100 m above sea level. Nepenthes surigaoensis is closely related to N. merrilliana and was for a long time considered a heterotypic synonym of this species. Nepenthes samar is another closely allied species.
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