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Nepenthes Ramispina * Black Knight * Very RARE Highland Pitcher Plant * 6 Seeds

Nepenthes ramispina is a beautiful and interesting highland species from the mossy forests of Peninsular Malaysia. Pitchers can reach 20 cm in height, and are dark purple to black in colour, with a starkly contrasting lime green interior. Upper pitchers are usually less intensely coloured, and are light green with black speck. Nepenthes ramispina can be an easy Nepenthes to grow. It prefers a well-drained media, which usually includes a generous portion of long-fiber Sphagnum moss. Other soil ingredients may include peat moss, washed sand, horticultural charcoal, orchid bark and Osmunda fiber. Highland Nepenthes require cool nights to grow well and form pitchers. They like to be kept humid. In general, night temperatures should drop below 60F to as low as 45 - 50. Given cool nights, warm days . Attention : very small seeds!
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