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Nepenthes Sanguinea ~ Blood Red Tropical Pitcher Plant ~ VERY RARE 5 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF THE AMAZING NEPENTHES SANGUINEA. The literal translation of sanguinea is “blood red” – a suiting name for a tropical pitcher plant with pitchers so deep red that they almost appear purple. Ironically, there’s also a completely green variety. Nepenthes sanguinea laughs in the face of your Latin naming conventions. This insectivore naturally grows at an altitude of 300-1800 meters above sea level in southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. This means is spans lowland, intermediate, and highland Nepenthes territory. In short, it’s an adaptable plant, a hearty grower, and great for beginners looking to grow a handsome Nepenthes. Nepenthes sanguinea pitchers vary from pure green, to blood red, all the way to a purplish brown. Pitcher interior is frequently pale green and speckled red. Peristome is thin-to-medium thickness and larger lower pitchers max out at about one foot (0.3 m) with prominent wings and an upturned lid. Upper pitchers lose wings, size and color, becoming funnel-shaped and yellow-green with red-striped peristome. Nepenthes sanguinea is a fast grower, and does great in large terrariums and greenhouses. Petioles stay relatively short and narrow keeping the plant compact. With time, the stem will vine. Nepenthes sanguinea is an excellent plant for the first-time grower. It remains compact for many years, which makes it a great plant for a sunny windowsill. it is a tropical plant for indoor growing. Always protect from frost. Pitchers can reach 6-8 inches. As an adult plant they will enjoy partial sun. A south window with a few hours of direct sun is best. As an adult plant use 1 part dried sphagnum moss and 1 part perlite. Avoid fertilizers, regular garden soil, and compost. As an adult plant they prefer day temperature between 75° - 85°F and night temperature between 60° - 70°F.
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