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Nepenthes Tenax * Extremely RARE Australian Lowland * Pitcher Plant * 5 SeedS

Nepenthes tenax is a lowland species of tropical pitcher plant native to northern Queensland, Australia. It is the third Nepenthes species recorded from the continent and its second endemic species. Nepenthes tenax is closely related to the two other Australian Nepenthes species: N. mirabilis and N. rowanae. Nepenthes tenax grows to a height of around 100 cm with pitchers rarely exceeding 15 cm. The stem is usually self-supporting. Its leaves are short, rigid, V-shaped in section, arched and arranged (apical ones) more or less in a whorl. Pitchers are held vertically in mid-air on short strong tendrils that are tightly coiled once or twice mid length. In its natural habitat, it is sympatric with N. mirabilis and N. rowanae. Simple and complex natural hybrids involving both of these species have been found.
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