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Nothofagus Antarctica * Southern False Antarctic Beech * Nirre * Very Rare * 5 Seeds *

5 SEEDS OF NOTHOFAGUS ANTARCTICA Usually grows from a shrub into a small, irregularly growing and multi-trunked tree. The main trunks mostly grow vertically and the branches have an irregular growth pattern that can change radically. In general the side branches grow horizontally and eventually a decorative solitary is produced. Because of the fishbone-like branching and the small leaves, an open crown is created that lets in a great deal of light. The bark and branches are dark brown and bear remarkable white lenticels. Young twigs are thin and slightly hairy. The small asymmetrical leaves are glossy and when emerging they give off a sweet herb-like smell. The autumn colour is golden yellow. Nothofagus antarctica is a very characteristic tree that preferably should be planted as a solitary or in small groups. It has a deeply penetrating and strongly branched taproot and is suitable for the most varied types of soil. Height:5 - 8 (10) m Crown:oval to spherical, transparent and irregular, light, open crown, capricious growing Bark and branches:brown, shallow grooves, young twigs brown with white lenticels Leaf:ovoid, bright green, 1.5 - 3 cm Autumn colour:yellow Flowers:monoecious, dioecious, unremarkable, greenish-yellow, end of May, fragrant flowers Fruits:unremarkable nutlets, approx. 0.5 cm long, 3 per cupule Soil type:all types, preferably not too dry Winter hardiness zone:7a (-17,7 to -15,0 °C)
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