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Ochagavia Carnea * Stunning Sub-Tropical Chilean Bromeliad * Very Rare * 5 Seeds *

5 SEEDS OF OCHAGAVIA CARNEA A wonderful terrestrial Bromeliad from Chile. Not too prickly. The foliage is more green than O. litoralis. It is very easy to grow, in a pot or out in the garden down to minus one or two centrigrade. Ochagavia are evergreen, terrestrial bromeliads with almost stemless, spreading rosettes of stiff, spiny-toothed leaves. The spherical inflorescence at the centre of the rosette is composed of tubular, red or yellow, flowers followed by green berries O. carnea is a terrestrial bromeliad, with dense rosettes spreading to 60cm wide and made up of 30 to 50 stiff, very narrow, spiny-edged, evergreen leaves which are dark green above and grey-white below. In summer it produces a spherical cluster of bright pink, tubular flowers in the centre of the rosette. Grow under glass, or as a houseplant, in terrestrial bromeliad compost in full light with low humidity. Water moderately with soft water in growth, keep almost dry when dormant. Hardy only in coastal locations and urban microclimates and if given serious protection with fleece during cold spells. Mulch deeply with rock or grit. Against a wall ideally with overhanging foliage. Safest to overwinter in a cool glasshouse under fleece Full sun. Perfect drainage, with little water. Tolerates more humidity than Fascicularia. In most locations, it will need to be container-grown and overwintered indoors. Crazy-minded exoticists in warmer locations will need to give it serious protection.
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