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Parmentiera Edulis Aculeata GUAJILOTE Edible & Sweet Tropical Fruit 5 Seeds RARE

GUAJILOTE is native to Mexico and Central America ( Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras). a thorny tree with branches that have a pair of short stout spines at each joint. its oppositely arranged compound leaves each have three leaflets. its trumpet-shaped flowers (5-6.5 cm long) are greenish with brownish-purple lines in the throat. these flowers are borne in the leaf forks and also along the older branches. its yellowish-green fruit is ridged and cucumber-like in appearance (11-17 cm long and more than 3 cm wide). Yellow, cone shaped, waxy skinned fruit . related to the candle stick tree. Fruits are sweet and when raw, resemble sugarcane in flavor. hardy to 32F. Hardy to zone 10a (30 - 35F)
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