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Parthenocissus Tricuspidata - Boston Grape Ivy Vite Americana - Vine - 100 Seeds

It is a deciduous woody vine growing to 30 m tall or more given suitable support, attaching itself by means of numerous small branched tendrils tipped with sticky disks.
The leaves are simple, palmately lobed with three lobes, occasionally unlobed or with five lobes, or sufficiently deeply lobed to be palmately compound with (usually) three leaflets;
the leaves range from 5 to 22 cm across.
The flowers are inconspicuous, greenish, in clusters; the fruit is a small dark blue grape 5–10 mm diameter.

The specific epithet tricuspidata means three-pointed, referring to the leaf shape.

this plant is widely grown as a climbing ornamental plant to cover the façades of masonry buildings.
This usage is actually economically important because, by shading walls during the summer, it can significantly reduce cooling costs.

100 Seeds

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