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Passiflora Coriacea * Collector's * Bat Wing * Rare Passion Flower * 3 Seeds *

Passiflora coriacea, commonly known as the wild sweet calabash or bat leaved passion flower, is a strange tropical vine with very distinct leaves in the shape of bats' wings. Passiflora coriacea, the Bat Wing Passion Flower is from Central and South America and can reach 15-20 feet tall. It also has purple oval or circle shaped fruit that are mainly ornamental. It is a fast growing vine to several feet. Leaves are dark green and often with splotches of light-green. White-yellow flowers with the typically ornate Passiflora appearance form when weather is warm. The spectacular long leaves, resembling a bat in flight are thick, waxy deep green, smooth texture, oblong and up to 1 foot wide. The small flowers of 1-1.5 inches bloom in Summer. The vine produces deep purple color fruit. It climbs by means of clinging tendrils and can be kept as an container plant. The long tendrils need lots of support for climbing. It may be grown as a houseplant in a sunny South-facing window.
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