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Peucedanum Galbanum ~ Notobubon Galbanum ~ Blister Bush ~ Evergreen Shrub ~ RARE 3 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF PEUCEDENUM GALBANUM Notobubon galbanum is an evergreen shrub renowned for causing severe blistering of human skin when touched. It is also a well known Cape medicinal plant. Notobubon galbanum is a woody evergreen shrub growing to 2.5 m in height. The compound leaves are arranged along the upper parts of the branches and consist of toothed, rhomboidal and occasionally three-lobed leaflets that are green above and glaucous below. The flowers are small and yellow and borne in large, rounded compound umbels on a relatively short peduncle. The fruit is dry and dorsally flattened with narrow wings along the margins. Flowering time is from October to February. The plant is best placed in sun or semi-shade, near the back of the herbaceous bed. The bold leathery discolorous leaves and structurally striking and the large compound umbels make this shrub an appealing garden subject.
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