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Pinguicula Grandiflora ~ Large Flowered Butterwort ~ Carnivorous Plant ~ Rare 10 Seeds ~

The pinguicula grandiflora , commonly known as the greens of large flowers, water violet, stripe or flower of the fountains; lives in areas of temperate climate, is an insectivorous plant of the family Lentibulariaceae. A distinctive feature of the species is its flower, which is much larger than normal for the genus. Although they do not have a really active catch mechanism, their nutrition method is in part the carnivorous type , they usually have between 5 and 10 leaves between 30 and 45 mm (3 and 4.5 cm) in length. The plant is formed by a basal rosette of sticky leaves on which are often glued small insects . From the heart of the plant arise in the spring one or more flower stems between twenty and twenty-five centimeters in length, having violet flowers that possess a spur. It is a lovely species with rosettes of light green, fleshy leaves and purplish-violet, Streptocarpus-like flowers. 8ins (20cm). Provided, of course, that you are not a small fly, whose opinions on this matter would probably differ considerably, this is a genus of rather attractive plants often with beautiful flowers. They are insectivorous, catching their prey, consisting mainly of tiny flies, winged aphids and the like, often in quantity, fly-paper fashion and digesting them in a flood of mucilage. However, as we say, attractive plants. It prefers a consistently wet, acid soil in partial sun. Water freely when in growth, reduce watering in winter. Feed monthly if required. Can be grown under glass if desired. ATTENTION ; SMALL SEEDS.
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