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Pinguicula Vulgaris ~ Butterwort Carnivorous ~ Valentine's Flower ~ Rare 10 Seeds

Pinguicula vulgaris, also known as Steepgrass, Valentine's Flower or Common Butterwort, is circumboreal. It occurs in Northern and Central Canada and in Northeast United States. It is more common in Eurasia. This carnivorous plant thrives in the mountains as well as in the lowlands. Pinguicula vulgaris is a small plant, about 3.5 inches, with rosettes of light green to yellow green leaves. The leaves are basal, elongated, up to 2" long, sticky and glossy in appearance. Common Butterwort flowers in late June to July. It produces single purple flowers of 2 cm, tubular in shape, with a 3-lobed lower lip, and 2-lobed upper lip, and a white throat. It stands alone on a leafless stalk between 1" and 6" high. Pinguicula vulgaris is from a circumboreal climate and require a dormancy period. During dormancy the plant die back to a resting bud known as a hibernacula. Temperate Butterworts not only reproduce by seed, but also by gemmae. These gemmae, brood bodies, form around the base of the hibernacula. They look like miniature resting buds. They break of from the hibernacula very easily and are scattered around, assisting on the further propagation of the species. It survives in areas that have a Subarctic growing season of 60 to 90 days. Optimal Summer growing conditions are good air humidity, cool temperature and UV lights. If the Summer growing conditions are not optimal, the plants will form very weak hibernacula which easily rot. During growth period, procure a day temperatures of about 25°C and night temperatures around 20°C. Hardiness zone 1 (-45°C/-50°F) in Winter.
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