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Protea Eximia * Sugarbushes * Easiest Proteas To Cultivate * 3 Seeds Rare

Protea eximia, the broad-leaved sugarbush is a shrub that may become a small tree, which occurs in mountain fynbos on mainly acidic sandy soils. The flowers have awns that are covered in purple-black velvety hairs, and are contained within a series of rings of involucral bracts that have the appearance of petals. The fruit is a densely hairynut, many of which are inserted on a woody base. The flowers are borne terminally on long shoots, and have a tendency to become very untidy as they age. Protea eximia is one of the easiest proteas to cultivate, and can be grown over a wide range of habitats. From seed, it will sprout within 3 weeks of planting and grows rapidly. It may begin to flower in the second year, but more generally from the third year. It may attain a height of ca. 1.5m within eight years, and is best planted in small close stands so that the plants can support one another. The leaves are susceptible to leaf miners. Seeds rarely seen for sale
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