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Protea Lepidocarpodendron * Black Bearded Sugarbush * Very Rare * 3 Seeds *

3 SEEDS Abundant 2-3m shrubs usually growing in dense stands. The flower heads are obscured by luxuriant foliage. Long white or pink bracts are edged with heavy black and white beards and a purple-black hairy covering extends down the bracts for 2 to 3cm. Habitat ; Lower mountain slopes and kloofs, seepage areas Flower Date ; May to August Plant Type: Perennial shrub to small tree Environment: Full sun, well-drained, preferably acidic soil. Likes regular watering. Does not like disturbance around roots. Bloom: Autumn and winter Uses: Large densely bushy shrub with large furry flowers makes an attractive focal point Makes an excellent, long-lasting cut flower. Its unusual furry black and white appearance adds interest to any arrangement.
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