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Psychotria Capensis * Black Bird Berry * Tropical Evergreen Shrub * Rare 5 Seeds

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF PSYCHOTRIA CAPENSIS Psychotria capensis is an evergreen shrub or small tree, 3-8 m tall, with a slender stem, horizontal branches and pale brown bark. The leaves are shiny, light to dark green above and paler below, smooth and leathery; they are fairly large, 70-150 x 15-60 mm, elliptic to obovate, opposite and often drooping. Golden yellow flowers are borne in flattish, terminal, branched heads up to 80 mm in diameter from spring to midsummer (August to January). The flowers are followed in late summer to winter (January to July) by large, flat clusters of pea-sized, shiny yellow fruits ripening to red or black. The wood is hard and fine-grained, making a good general purpose timber. It is yellowish brown in colour and has a beautiful finish when varnished. This very decorative shrub is a must for all frost-free gardens. Not only is it a year-round attraction, either in fruit or flower most the time, it is also easy to grow. Growing equally well in sun or shade, it is perfect for those difficult, summer-shade winter-sun spots under large trees. Plant in groups or repeat plants throughout the bed. Another attractive feature are the fleshy berries that ripen red, yellow and black and adorn the tree for many months. These attract many birds to the garden hence the common name. An excellent garden or container plant for those difficult shady areas of the garden.
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