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Psychotria Poeppigiana Hooker Lips Plant

Hot Hooker Lips Bush Plant extremely Rare 

Psychotria poeppigiana is a plant species in the family Rubiaceae.

It ranges widely in the tropical Americas, from Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco and Veracruz in Mexico to the very north of Argentina. It does not occur on the Pacific side of the American cordillera however, and is thus absent from El Salvador and Chile.
It is probably also absent from Uruguay and Paraguay.

P. poeppigiana is a large shrub.
The inflorescences are carried upright or semi-erect and are surrounded by large bracts, colored a conspicuous red, that attract pollinators.
The flowers themselves are inconspicuous, with the small yellow petals and sepals forming a narrow corollar tube.
It has a very distinctive flower that has earned it the common name of 'hot lips'.
The plant is gathered from the wild for local medicinal use.
Its distinctive flower has earned it a place in the ornamental garden.

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