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Pterocarpus Angolensis * The Bloodwood Tree

* Unbelievable Bleeding Tree * Medicinal * 3 Seeds - Rare

Pterocarpus angolensis , the tree that bleeds like humans.
It is often said that there is life in trees and plants, they also breathe like humans and grow like humans .
Now think what will happen if you cut a tree and it starts bleeding like humans ?
meet Pterocarpus Angolensis which when cut bleeds like humans. some legends say that you can even hear him cry.
This Magical tree found in South Africa is known as 'Bloodwood Tree'.

It is valued for several medicinal uses.
It has been recorded to treat ringworm, eye problems, blackwater fever, stabbing pains, malaria, and to increase the supply of breast milk.
The resemblance of the sap to blood has led to the belief in supposed magical healing powers concerning the blood.
Because of all these reasons and that it is also fire resistant, P. angolensis is sometimes planted around the chief's enclosure to make a living fence.

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