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Puya Coerulea * Chagual * Pink Torch Blue Puya * Rare * 10 Seeds *

10 SEEDS Silver-fronded bromeliad with stunning 2-4ft flower stalks blooming bright blue flowers. This species grows well in warm and cool climates, and is hardy to the low to mid 20's (F). Needs little water. From Chile comes this rarely-seen botanical gem, Puya coerulea - the "Pink Torch" Puya! This stunning Pineapple relative sends up a 2-4 foot flower cluster that's like a Dr. Suess version of a tiki torch! This easy-to-grow Bromeliad is hardy down to about 20 degrees F! This is a very rare plant that you're not likely to find at nurseries. The Pink Torch Puya is a terrestrial Bromeliad that grows about 30" tall and wide. It forms an attractive rosette of silvery leaves, which almost look white due to their powdery trichomes. The leaves have spines, so move carefully around the plant. In late spring and summer, the plant sends up a dramatic pink stalk with silky blue flowers and contrasting orange anthers. There is another form of this species with sparse clusters and darker, less noticeable flowers, however this variety has vibrant blue petals and tightly-packed clusters. Puya coerulea (pronounced ko-er-OO-lee-uh) comes from the Valparaiso region of central Chile. Unlike the tree-dwelling Bromeliads, this one has fully-functional roots and grows in soil, much like a cactus or succulent. Eventually it will form a large colony of offshoots, which can be separated. You can grow your Puya in a large pot and move it to a protected spot over the winter. Mature plants can survive temperatures down to 18-20 degrees F if kept relatively dry. Protect them from prolonged frost the first couple of years. In warmer areas they will appreciate some mid-day shade. Be patient with the Puya, as it will take 4 or 5 years to reach flowering size.
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