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Puya Dyckioides The Pink Puya

Puya dyckioides, the Pink Puya, is native to Bolivia and northwest Argentina, where it grows at high altitude in the Andes to elevations of 3000m.

Puya dyckioides is a beautiful, rare Pineapple relative that's rarely seen in cultivation.

Not only do the flowers have a gorgeous color combination, but the colors deepen as the cluster matures.

Unlike most Puya plants, which have very sharp and painful thorns, this one has tiny thorns that are barely noticeable!

It is relatively easy to grow, benefiting from good drainage and full sun , and is hardy down to 20-22 degrees F .

Pink Puya has a grass-like appearance, forming a rosette of slender, arching 3-foot leaves.

The plant sends out a large 3-foot flower stalk that arches outward for easy viewing.

About 2 feet of the stalk is covered with flowers, each about an inch long.

The petals of this variety can range in color from turquoise-green to violet, with bright orange anthers and pollen.

Most Puyas bloom only in spring, but this form can bloom any time from spring through late fall.

Fresh seeds are rarely seen for sale even in Botanic Gardens .

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