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Rebutia Violaciflora ~ Stunning Pink Flowers ~ Crown Cactus Rare 10 Seeds ~

Rebutia violaciflora is a lovely variety that features golden yellow spines that grow 25 mm long and a yellow-green, clump-forming, globular body. It carries large, funnel-shaped, light-violet blossoms in the early spring. Rebutia violaciflora is one of the morphological or local forms of Rebutia minuscula, but the differences are in reality very minimal and the two plants are not readily distinguishable, if not flowering. More likely they are one and the same species, but it still has a value for a collector because they identify plants with particular characters. These light-violet flowered plants found in our collections, are almost always raised from selected self-pollinating strains and autogamy preserve this character in pureness, but in natural populations the colour of flowers ranges from red to purple, to violet and specific colouration such as violet is often the result of artificial selections. Flowers are Funnel shaped, 30-35 mm long, 25-30 mm wide at top, light violet-red and self-fertile. Ovary, about 3 mm wide crimson colored, with brownish triangular scales, c. 1 mm large, with very short woolly felts in their axils. Floral tube briefly flared, about 10 mm long, c 2 mm in diameter at the base, 7 mm wide above, brownish pink, with 2-6 mm long and 1-2 mm wide, reddish brown, naked, pointed scales. Outer perianth segments acutely lanceolate with spiny tip, purplish pink; inner perianth segments oval lanceolate with spiny tip, 15 mm long, 6 mm wide, purple-pink. Filaments white, 5-10 mm long, anthers small, spherical, yellow. Pistil, 20 mm long, thin, reddish pink to whitish, with five yellowish to whitish lobes, 2-3 mm long. Fruits are Spherical, about 6 mm wide, orange-yellow, later browning, drying and cracking irregularly.
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