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Rhipsalis Acanthorhipsalis Monacantha * Lepismium Pfeiffera Cacti * Orange Flower * 10 Seeds *

10 SEEDS AKA Pfeiffera monacantha is a slow growing and compact epiphytic shrub, freely branching. The spiny growth is both erect and triangular at first, later flat and pendent. This species produces minute waxy-orange blooms at every areole followed by small, round, waxy fruit that decorate the plant for months. Acanthorhipsalis manacantha is a epiphytic cactus of the Rhipsalis family that is native to Bolivia and Argentina. This cactus has flattened or 3-angled waxy green stem that become pendant shaped with age. During the springtime, Acanthorhipsalis manacantha will produce small golden orange flowers. Unlike most cacti, Acanthorhipsalis manachantha prefers filtered light over full sun. This species also prefers higher levels of humidity than most cactus species. Some synonyms for Acanthorhipsalis manacantha are Lepismium monacanthum, Pfeiffer monacantha, and Rhipsalis monacantha. Pfeiffera monacantha is not frost-hardy and won't tolerate desert heat, but it thrives in coastal gardens. It needs night-time temperatures no cooler than 5° C, especially in the winter. In summer it need warm but not hot temperatures, preferably under 27° C. As it flowers during winter it should not be dried off like desert cacti but needs watering throughout the season.
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