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Rosita Eggplant * Amazing Teardrop Pink Heirloom Eggplant * 5 Rare Seeds

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF ROSITA EGGPLANT A large eggplant with rosy colored flesh and white, extremely mild-flavored flesh. One of the mildest eggplants available, making it a top choice for all standard uses. Fruits grow to 9", with a teardrop-like shape. 4 ft. tall plants produce excellent yields of lavender-pink, teardrop-shaped fruits with white shoulders. The skin is tender without a trace of bitterness, and the white flesh is mild and sweet, because the seeds are so late to develop in the fruits. Lovely 8-inch x 4-inch neon, lavender-pink fruit has a mild, sweet, white flesh. The skin is tender and not bitter. Produces excellent yields. This incredible heirloom was developed in Puerto Rico in the 1940s by the Puerto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station, Rio Piedras.
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