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Rubus Niveus ~ Mysore Raspberry ~ Tasty Edible Fruit ~ Rare 5 Seeds ~

Excellent flavored raspberry adapted well to warmer regions. Fruits are dark-purple/black, with a sweet, full, raspberry flavor. Shrubby, thorny bush to 8-15ft. Growth habit is sprawling, with branches/canes reaching several feet in length. General appearance is much like the common raspberry, except the bushes tend to be larger. Hardy to at least 20F, but mature plants can survive into the teens. Plants grow well in full sun. If growing several plants space them approximately 6-8ft from one another. Water regularly. Fruiting may occur off and on all year, but is usually heaviest in winter months. Fruits are eaten fresh, used in desserts, and can be used wherever raspberries or blackberries are needed. Native to the lower Himalayan region of India and Myanmar/Burma. Rubus niveus is a deciduous shrub producing a cluster of erect to arching, often scrambling, prickly biennial stems from 100 - 300cm long. The stems only produce leaves, and do not flower, in their first year of growth, forming flowering branches in their second year and then dying after fruiting, A very spiny plant, it often scrambles into other plants, supporting itself by means of its prickly stems. The plant is commonly harvested from the wild for local use as a food, and is also used as a medicine.
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