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Saltera Sarcocolla * Cape Fellwort * Rare Tropical Plant Shrub * 5 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF SALTERA SARCOCOLLA Saltera sarcocolla belongs to the Penaeaceae, which is a family confined to the fynbos region. Despite interesting variations in plant and flower size, groupings and colour, there is only one species in the genus Saltera. Saltera sarcocolla is a medium-sized, sturdy, upright shrub producing strong stems coppicing from a persistent, woody, underground root-stock. It has an open bushy habit growing up to 1.0-1.5 m in height, although smaller forms also occur. The leaves are broadly egg-shaped and distinctively arranged in closely ranked, alternately opposite pairs along the upper stems. The branches below the leafy parts are knotty from leaf scars. The leaves are leathery, grey-green and covered with a waxy bloom. The upper leaves merge into pale, sticky, relatively large yellowish-brown bracts or bract-like leaves, which enclose the cylindrical flowers that are presented at the ends of the branches. The bright, attractive colour is mainly provided by the four, reflexed, sticky, pink-mauve lobes at the end of each flower tube. The flowers and bracts age to become crispy-brown sticky clumps at the ends of the branches. When opened these reveal four elongated, pointed capsules that split open when dry to reveal four chambers. The seeds are small, narrowly obovate (elongated and rounded at each end) and neatly tucked into each chamber. Each seed is complete with an aril at one end.
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