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Sarmienta Repens * Climber Plant * 5 Seeds * Very Rare Rain Forest Plant

Though technically a shrub, this prostrate plant with semi-woody rooting stems to 15cm or more long, is really more like an evergreen perennial. Leaves in opposite pairs, obovate to elliptic, 1-2.5cm long, somewhat fleshy, with a few teeth or small lobes at the tip. Flowers solitary from the leaf axils, 2-3cm long, lop-sided amphora or urn-shaped, with long extruding stamens, pendent, crimson, late winter (if grown in a conservatory) to early summer, sometimes later. origin from southern Chile and Argentina, in temperate rain forest on mossy branches and boulders. The plant tolerates low temperatures (-8° C), can tolerate occasional snow cover for up to a couple of weeks per year.
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