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Sarracenia Alata - Yellow Trumpets - Carnivorous Plant - Pale Pitcher Plant - 10 Seeds

Sarracenia alata, also known as yellow trumpets,pale pitcher plant or pale trumpet, is a carnivorous plant in the genus Sarracenia. It is native to North America. The Pale pitcher plant's habitat is split into two geographically separate areas: an eastern range from eastern Louisiana across southern Mississippi and into western Alabama and a western range from eastern Texas into western Louisiana. In Mississippi, stands of Sarracenia alata rival in size those of any other Sarracenia species. Among members of Sarracenia the floral coloring of Sarracenia alata is remarkably varied. Flowers may be cream to white, greenish, yellow or reddish. As the floral color variations exist within populations hundreds of miles from any other Sarracenia species, these variations cannot be attributed to hybridization.
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