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Sauromatum Venosum * Arum Cornutum * Unusual Aroid * Very Rare * 3 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF SAUROMATUM VENOSUM Sauromatum venosum or Sauromatum guttatum, Arum cornutum, Typhonium venosum. This tropical-looking aroid is a relative of arisaemas native of India, Africa, and Asia. It's a very unusual, shade loving plant that, late winter or early spring, produces a tubular shaped, purplish green flower with dark purple markings which surround a blackish purple central spike, making the spike look like it has been provided its own vase! The peculiar inflorescence is the first sign of's just life from another planet. Each flower stalk is 3' tall and only 1" wide. As it unfurls, the inside is patterned with rich violet and yellow...the ultimate in weird! This curious, tropical foliage and strange, yellow, arum-like flower releases a foul odor for a short time after opening. This emanation actually aims at attracting small flies which will make it possible for the tiny flowers of the inflorescence to be fertilized. Moreover, if there is fecundation, your seedling will produce a pretty fruit during the summer. Following the bloom of the flower, large 2'-3', finger-like, a lovely green leave emerges on a 2', purple mottled and speckled, stems, providing an umbrella for its roots. After flowering, a unique seed head (resembling an alien space object...2" round) forms at the base of the leaf. That head looks a bit like a red marshmallow stuck on a stick. Eventually, the bulbs multiply and make a nice colony. All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested. Handling plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. Hardiness zones: 6-11, (-20°C/-5°F, 4°C/40°F). A good substrate to be used would be compose of: 33% of garden ground, 33% of horticultural compost, 33% coarse sand. During winter you need to keep the soil very dry, sprinkle it very little. On the other hand, during summer, keep the ground humid by watering as soon as the ground is dry on 1cm on the surface. This plant likes the full light without direct sun. Sauromatum venosum is suitable for indoor growing.
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