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South Africa Kniphofia Northiae * Torch Lily * Tritoma Plant 5 Seeds * Very Rare *

Kniphofia is a large genus of plants in the Asphodelaceae family that are rhizomatous or have fleshy roots. They are from Africa, Madagascar and Yemen. Most of the species are from Africa, especially South Africa and many of the popular cultivars originated from South African species. The common name for these plants is poker or red hot pokers because of their spikes which are often red or orange-red. Seeds last well up to two years. Kniphofia northiae is a very robust species that grows to 1.7 m tall. It is found on mountain grassland, on streambanks, basalt cliffs, seepage lines up to 300 m from the Eastern Cape to KwaZulu-Natal. It has large recurved aloe-like leaves and a dense inflorescence with whitish or orange-red to yellow flowers.
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