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South American Calceolaria Purpurea ~ Pocketbook Flower ~ 10 Rare Seeds Unique

Calceolaria is a genus belonging to the natural order Scrophulariaceae, containing about 150 species of herbaceous or shrubby plants, chiefly natives of the South American Andes of Peru and Chile. The Calceolaria Purpurea plant is covered with fuzz, and is absolutely stunning with its puffy flowers. The plant is a compound of branched stem with little group of flowers at the end. They grow up to 60cm. The beautiful bright pink flowers are borne on irregular cymes. Hardiness zones: 6-9 (-20c/-5f, -5c/25f). The Calceolaria Purpurea prefers to be fully exposed to sun. Generally found in level areas or slopes facing north. They are tolerant to somewhat dry areas, where the draught may last 4 - 5 months with precipitations of 400 - 800 mm, concentrated in winter. The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional freezing spells of about - 3ºC.
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