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Stapelia Divaricata * Fabulous Eye Catching Succulent * Rare * 3 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF STAPELIA DIVARICATA This is a small stapeliad (6-12 cm tall) whit green grey and reddish angular stems (pencil sized diameter 0,5-1cm) branching and forming tillers from the base, the epidermis is somewhat velvety. The flowers are star-shaped waxy, solidly cream/white to pink within, tipped with green, glabrous and shining; the corolla outside is greenish-brown of about 4 cm and have a "fleshy" look. Stapelia divaricata is an easy obliging blooming plant when mature, that it is happy in any average succulent house. Plant very laxly branching at the base, with erect, straggling, spreading or diverging stems 3–4 in. long, 3 1/2–5 lin. square, glabrous; angles somewhat compressed, with minute erect rudimentary leaves on the small teeth; flowers 1–6 together, towards the base of the young stems; pedicels 1/3– 3/4 in. long, very minutely or papillate-puberulous; sepals 1 1/2–2 lin. long, lanceolate, acuminate, glabrous; corolla 1–2 in. in diam., according to the figures, smaller when dried, flattish, with recurved-spreading lobes, glabrous on the back and on the smooth shining inner surface, ciliate with simple white hairs except at the tips of the lobes, pale greenish on the back, varying from pale flesh-colour to dull purple with greenish tips on the inner face; lobes 6–10 lin. long, 4–4 1/2 lin. broad, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, with revolute margins; outer corona-lobes spreading, nearly 1 lin. long, 3/4 lin. broad, subquadrate, slightly broadest at the subtruncate minutely 3-toothed or apiculate apex, reddish or perhaps brownish-orange, with a yellow base; inner corona-lobes about 3/4 lin. long, incumbent upon the backs of the anthers (and in dried flowers shorter than them), with very short erect tips, ovate or narrowly oblong-ovate, obtuse, with a very short dorsal projection or gibbosity at the base, reddish or perhaps brownish-orange; nearly odourless.
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