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Stapelia Leendertziae * Carrion Flower * Black Bells * Rare Succulent Plant * 6 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 6 SEEDS OF STAPELIA LEENDERTZIAE Stapelia leendertziae is a tufted creeping or procumbent plant that trail and hang down over the pot. In the ground it forms dense carpets or cushion up to 1 metre (or more) in diameter. Stapelia leendertziae is a succulent plant with long, erect, angular stems and dull green to reddish in color. It is most conspicuous when in flower owing to the unique large, bell-shaped, deep reddish to dark purple flowers that are up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) long. It is widely grown in gardens but distinctly uncommon in the wild. It occurs on the mountains of the northeastern escarpment and Swaziland where it seems to be confined to rocky ground with shallow soils. Stapelia leendertziae is a very hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, sprawling succulent. The upright, fleshy, prominently-angled, dark-green stems have sharply-pointed teeth on the margins. Clusters of large, bell-shaped, reddish to dark-purple flowers are borne from November to January. As with all Carrion Flowers, they smell foul in order to attract their pollinators.The seedpods that follow resemble paired horns. An excellent succulent for a sunny rockery, but also makes an unusual container plant. Shallow containers are most suitable for planting these succulents in. Plant in sun or semi-shade in rich, porous, well-drained soil and water sparingly.
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