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Strophanthus Petersianus * Poison Rope * Stunning Shrub * Very Rare 5 Seeds

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS Strophanthus Petersianus A native to tropical Africa from kenya to South Africa, Strophanthus Petersianus is a climbing or scrambling vine with truly amazing flowers, which are white petaled, with a purple brown throat, and long trailing red petal tips, which can hang 15 to 20 cm long. Can climb up to 15 meters given space and tropical growing climate. Frost tender, can cope with temperatures close to freezing, though not recommended. Deciduous scrambling shrub or true liane. Latex, if present, red or whitish. Leaves elliptic or ovate, with 4-8 pairs of lateral veins, mostly glabrous. Flowers normally appearing with the leaves, mostly solitary, rare 2 or 3 per inflorescence. Corolla white, with or without reddish pink stripes with long erect frills on the inside of the mouth; lobes spreading, ending in long, twisted, pendulous tails. Strophanthus petersianus called poison rope, is a vine with oval, leathery leaves. The flowers are white to brown-purple outside and have a purple throat and it can run up from about 18 cm long threads.
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