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Tavaresia Barklyi

Tavaresia barklyi is a succulent herb characterized by cylindrical stems, typically 10-12 ribbed and blue-green in color. Its striking, large flowers emerge from the stem's base, appearing tubular to trumpet-shaped, measuring between 35-100 mm in length and approximately 25 mm in diameter. Usually, one to four flowers open successively on each inflorescence. These flowers display hues ranging from pale yellow to cream or flesh-colored, adorned with dark red spots and streaks on the exterior, which deepen towards maroon or purple near the base inside. The stems stand erect, reaching 40-60 mm in height and about 15 mm in diameter, with numerous angles and covered in tubercles topped by three sharp bristles. If the stem is damaged or crushed, it emits a peculiar musty odor. The fruit consists of elongated follicles that contain seeds, each equipped with a tuft of hair. Upon maturation, the follicles split open to release the seeds. 

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