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Tillandsia Carlsoniae ~ Air Plant ~ Bromeliad ~ Rare ~ Easy Growing ~ 5 Seeds ~

Tillandsia carlsoniae is one of the most beautiful Tillandsias. The leaves are small and long, blueish and white powdered. The flowers are rose to purple colored and very long lasting. Tillandsias will only flower once in its lifetime, but you should have blooms each year as the pups mature, and in turn flower. Flowers can last from several days to many months, depending on the species, most Tillandsia bloom naturally in late winter through mid-summer. Tillandsias are not toxic to animals, although this does not mean your pet won't eat them, but they will survive the experience, your plant might not. Tillandsias are not parasitic, they do not harm the host tree. Trim away brown, bent or damaged leaves, this will not hurt the plant. Main reasons Tillandsias die: They were not initially cared for properly (their owner was told they need little or no water).They did not get enough light (they were more than 10 feet from a bright window or skylight). They were placed in direct sun. Garden windows are generally too warm unless they are shaded or facing north. They were not watered thoroughly and frequently. Bulby and fleshy Tillandsias can rot! Drain them thoroughly and water less frequently. Tillandsias growing outdoors need more watering than indoor Tillandsias, as the sun and wind dry them out more quickly.
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