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Tillandsia Ionantha * Blushing Bride Airplant * Bromeliad ~ Rare ~ Easy Growing ~ 5 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF TILLANDSIA IONATHA Tillandsia ionantha is a bromeliad commonly sold in the UK as an 'air plant'. The specific epithet ionantha is taken from the Greek adjective, ion, meaning 'violet', and the noun, anthos, meaning 'flower'. In its natural environment, blushing bride often experiences full sunlight and very low rainfall. These adaptations make it an easy-to-care-for houseplant, as long as it is kept in very bright conditions. Blushing bride most commonly grows as a stemless plant, with leaves up to 6 cm long, covered with coarse, silvery-grey scales. The leaf sheaths are elliptical and about half as long as the leaf blades. The leaf blades are stout, narrowly triangular and 5 mm wide. The outer leaves are green and the inner leaves are deep red at the time of flowering. The inflorescence is a reduced panicle, with a spike-like appearance. The violet petals are over 4 cm long and the yellow stamens and pistil protrude from the end. The fruit is a subcylindric capsule, 3 cm in length. The seeds have a feathered tuft of hairs and are wind-dispersed. Groups of plants can develop into dense clusters of rosettes by the production of offsets, forming large clumps that can completely encircle a tree branch. The red inner leaves at flowering and exserted (protruding) floral parts suggest pollination by hummingbirds. Tillandsia ionantha is popular in cultivation as a result of it being small, attractive and easy to cultivate. It grows primarily as an epiphyte, but it is also found as a terrestrial. When cultivated in bright light, the entire plant changes in a short time to a fiery crimson colour that commands the spotlight. Blushing bride is a durable species and is ideal for growing on a kitchen windowsill, where it can receive strong light and be seen at its best. It produces abundant roots when grown well, and these attach the plant firmly to the mounting substrate.
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