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Tradescantia Spathacea - Oyster Plant - Boat lily - Moses-in-the-Cradle - Rare - 3 Seeds

3 Seeds Common Name: Boat Lily, Oyster Plant, Cradle Lily, Moses-in-the-Cradle, Moses in His Cradle, Moses on a Raft, Moses in the Bulrushes, Men in a Boat. Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-11 where it is noted for its ease of culture and tolerance for wide range of growing conditions. Best in filtered or part sun locations. Will grow in direct sun with some afternoon protection. Also grows in shade, but the foliage may not have as bright of colors and it may get leggy. Plants like a consistently moist but well-drained soil during the growing season, with reduced watering from fall to late winter. Plants also can grow well on rocky soils. Established plants have drought tolerance. Easily propagated by seeds, stem cuttings or division. Stem cuttings may also be used to create new potted plants. Plants may be pruned hard in very early spring if needed. It is easily grown as a houseplant. Use a peaty, soil-based potting mix. Potted plants may be taken outside in summer. As a houseplant, grow in hanging baskets or along shelves. Outdoors, it forms an excellent ground cover. Rock gardens. Borders.
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