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Tricyrtis Hirta * Japanese Hairy Toad Lily * Stunning Orchid * 10 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 10 SEEDS OF TRICYRTIS HIRTA Rejoicing in the less than lovely English name of Japanese Toad Lily is this rather splendid, softly white hairy plant for a warm sheltered spot in the border, with racemes of small, Lily-like (yet quite distinct) flowers which are white with large purple spots. 3ft (90cm) Tricyrtis hirta, commonly called toad lily, is perhaps best known for its unique flowers, ability to bloom in shade and late summer to early fall bloom time. Features small, lily-like flowers (1 inch long) with six showy tepals (similar appearing sepals and petals). Flowers appear in the upper leaf axils and stem ends either solitary or more often in small clusters (cymes) of 2-3 flowers each. White to pale lilac flowers with heavy purple spotting. Arching, unbranched stems grow upright to 2-3' tall. Sometimes called hairy toad lily because all parts of the plant are hairy. This species of toad lily is not rhizomatous. Oval to oblong leaves (3-6" long) with parallel veins and clasping leaf bases.
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