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Tropaeolum Tricolor - Three Coloured Cress - Climbing Chilean Vine - 1 Seed RARE

Tropaeolum tricolor, the three-coloured Indian cress or Chilean nasturtium, is a species of perennial plant in the family Tropaeolaceae. It is endemic to Chile, where it is called soldadito rojo and relicario.

Tropaeolum tricolor is a summer-dormant climber which flowers from winter to spring.
It has thin, straggly stems growing from a reddish coloured root tuber and extending up to 2 or 3 metres.
The leaves are peltate (with the stalk in the centre), nearly circular with five or six deeply cut lobes.
The numerous flowers are borne singly on long wiry stalks growing from the axils of the leaves.
They are narrowly funnel-shaped and about 3 centimetres long.
The five sepals are red, orange or yellow tipped with a purple band, and extending backwards in a red spur.
The small, greenish-yellow rounded petals have a clawed base. The sepals turn brown after the flowers fall and enclose the two or three, dark brown seeds.

It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

very rare seeds


1 Seed

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