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Tylecodon Paniculatus Butter Tree Bonsai Succulent 10 Seeds Plant Amazing Rare

Tylecodon paniculatus, called butter tree is a stocky, caudiciform, arborescent succulent that is originated in South Africa. Tylecodon paniculatus is summer deciduous. The butter tree conserves energy by photosynthesizing through their greenish stems during the hot dry summer months. The yellowish green, papery bark is a very attractive feature of this plant and has given rise to the common name. During the winter, Tylecon paniculatus plants are covered with long, obovate, succulent leaves clustered around the apex of the growing tip. The long reddish orange, tubular flowers are borne in upright racemes at the onset of summer each year, just as the leaves turn yellow and drop off. In nature the butter tree tend to grow in groups, making a spectacular show when they flower.
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